Customer Reviews & How To's

Force-Tec is very proud to see homeowners and professionals high reviews and how to's on our parts. Below are reviews and how to's on using and installing our parts. We hope this confirms your thoughts about our products and hope you enjoy many years of use!

Very happy with the Force-Tec parts that we sell and have great reviews from our customers.

- CheapOnlineParts

By far the highest quality cylinder assemblies on the market!

 - DiscountOnlineParts

My Stihl 029 chainsaw cylinder burned up and a repair shop wanted to charge me a arm and a leg for a chrome cylinder. Found this forcetec cylinder that is Nikasil for cheaper then what this repair shop was charging me for a chrome plated cylinder. Found a how to online and just replaced it myself. Saved over $100 in doing so!

- CheapOnlineParts customer Phillip Smith

Had to replace my Stihl MS250 oil pump. The force-tec pump looked just like the original and so far have had no problems it it.

- DiscountOnlineParts customer Randy Miller

Have bought after market parts for my saws in the past and had some bad experiences with the fitment of the parts. Found discountonlineparts and questioned them on the aftermarket parts that they offer. They said they guarantee all forcetec parts for fitment and quality.  Just received my order and am very happy with my purchase.

- DiscountOnlineParts Glenn West

Needed a carburetor for my Husqvarna 55 Rancher. My local dealer wanted over $90 for it. Found this forcetec carburetor from discount for only $29.99.  Been running it for over 4 months and have not had a problem with it. From what I can tell this carburetor runs just like the original husqvarna.

- DiscountOnlineParts customer Dale Manning



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Happy that my friend told me about force tec. Was looking at all of the different cylinders and some online didn't even say who te manufactur was. I was lucky enough to find a video online that showed me just how to install my chainsaw cylinder. After double checking to make sure everything was installed correct I started it up. Runs just like new!

- DiscountOnlineParts Andy Townsend